I am a scientific illustrator who started out as a molecular biologist with a passion for visual thinking. A curiosity for the invisible but significant led me to study Molecular Biology at first. Becoming a scientist taught me to be a critical thinker, care about details and apply technical precision.

The pipette was my primary tool in the lab, but ever since I can remember, drawing has helped me to comprehend biological processes and explain myself to others. At some point pencils and sketchbooks became constant companions.

In 2015, I finally participated in a science illustration distance program which was key for improving my illustration skills and the entrance to a community of like-minded people. Around that time the wonderful and logical prospect of combining two passions – art & science – crossed my mind and I started to strive for a scientific illustrator career.

Today, I position myself between visual art and education. While cells and molecules certainly define my comfort zone, I am fascinated by nature in all its precious diversity. Growing up at the countryside I developed an eye for miraculous details and as an adult I do not only appreciate but require the possibility to retreat in nature. Therefore I would also like to share my concerns and address sustainability topics by visual manners.

Unfortunately, dissemination of unfiltered facts and random, perhaps harmful data can occur rapidly these days. I believe that verified science communication is a necessary countermeasure to which I’d like to contribute.

Being an attentive and open-minded person, I truly enjoy meeting scientists from various fields, sharing their enthusiasm and creating visibility for their projects while learning something new day by day.

Tatjana Hirschmugl

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